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Roy     Chuck     Larry     Cory

Born September 19 in Fort Campbell, KY

Larry F. Meyers

Raised In Milwaukee, WI and Phoenix, AZ
Hobbies and Interests Music, Fast Cars, Computers, Video Games
Favorite Movies Brave Heart, Aliens,
Holy Grail, Matrix,
The Wall
Favorite TV Show ER
Favorite Teams Green Bay Packers and Phoenix Suns
Favorite Foods Mexican, Italian
Favorite Drink Tea
Favorite Restaurant Black Angus
Favorite Books Lord of the Rings series, Sword of Shannarah series, Stormbringer series
Favorite Video Game Need For Speed - Most Want
Favorite Magazine Playboy
Favorite Bands Dream Theater, Spiral Architect, Power of Omens, Symphony X, Vanden Plas, Pink Floyd
Favorite Singers Russell Allen, "Ripper" Owens
Favorite Guitarists John Petrucci, Michael Romeo, David Gilmour
Favorite Bassists John Myung, Geddy Lee, Billy Sheehan
Favorite Keyboard Players Michael Pinnella, Jordan Rudess
Favorite Drummers Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy
Favorite Albums Dream Theater: "Metropolis Pt. 2,"
Symphony X: "V,"
Pink Floyd: "The Wall"
Favorite Songwriters Waters/Gilmour
Favorite Composers Paganini, Mozart
Favorite EOC Song "Chaos Theory"
Biggest Music Influences Classical, Progressive Metal
Equipment Ibanez Universe 777 7 String,
Ibanez RG1077XL 7 String,
Mesa/Boogie Tri-Axis Preamp,
TC Electronics G Force,
Mesa/Boogie Simul-Class 2:Ninety Power Amp
Mesa 4-12 Cabinets
Email larry@elementsofchaos.net
Favorite Saying What do you mean too many notes for one's ears?
Anything you would like to say to the fans? To me there is no higher high, no greater rush than the one I get when I play our music.   I hope you feel the same way when you listen to it.

© 2007