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Elements of Chaos is an extreme progressive metal band based in Phoenix, Arizona.  They are living proof that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts for it is neither the talent nor ability of each individual that makes Elements of Chaos different.  It is the unique combination of styles and influences from each member which defines the music they create.

So what does Elements of Chaos sound like?  Imagine a cross between Spiral Architect and Power of Omens with some very fast paced classical influence and you are on the right track.  If that doesn't help you... try this:  Take a heaping scoop of good, complex Rush or Dream Theater, add a little Watchtower, a pinch of Nicolò Paganini, and some vintage Metallica heaviness.  Place them in a blender and mix at various speeds to keep things interesting.

Get ready for the next level in extreme progressive metal... Elements of Chaos is here!

Roy     Chuck     Larry     Cory

© 2007